Fritsch Laminator 3000 dough line,One Fritsch Laminator 3000 dough line,Technical Data
Table width 700 mm, 900 mm, 1,100 mm, 1,300, 1,500 mm Belt speed up to 15 m/min Dough capacity
up to 5,000 kg/h (depending on configuration, product type and environment Layers up
to 12 layers per folding unit Advantages: Continuous dough sheet production at the highest quality level
Gentle working method to maintain the dough structure capacity Huge range of applications due to the possibility to process very different types of dough Short retooling times and quick product changeovers
High automation comfort by customized production programs which can be opened as reired
Quick and easy operation Comfortable data backup by USB interface service life due to its robust stainless steel Design Easy to clean due to its hygienic design and good accessibility
Machine Nr. 06P173_001060, Year of production 2007, Type SBL-900-1300, 75A, Made In Germany, last used for baguette production. Line comes with Dough Conveyor Dough Sheet Processor Strewing Unit
Pressing Unit Satellite Head SBL Spiral Cross Roller Calibrating Head SBL Flour Removal Units Roller Drive
Round Belt Table Belt Spreading Unit High-Performance, Combination, High-Performance-Combination-Guillotine Punching Die Nozzle Moistening Unit Coiling and Moulding Unit Alignment Ruler Dough Piece Deposition SMBoard conveyor.